Custom Exterior Installation

Noyes Sheet Metal is adept at navigating and executing a range of HVAC project designs and schedules. Beyond standard commercial duct systems, we are experienced in the fabrication and installation of welded and high pressure ducts, flues, kitchen and dishwasher exhaust systems. No matter the size of the project, our customers can expect a professional and focused approach throughout. Decades of experience and technical expertise allow us to see a project to its completion as efficiently and professionally as possible.

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Equipment Installation

In today’s ever changing climate, the HVAC equipment continues to evolve. The team at Noyes Sheet Metal takes pride in offering the finest of installations. From concept to a completed system, we are dedicated to delivering the finest quality.

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Interior Work

Interior space custom fabrication and installation is our passion! Whether the material is galvanized, black Iron or stainless steel our licensed sheet metal workers look forward to installing the very best for you and your building.

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Bottom Line

Noyes Sheet Metal, Inc. is a privately owned HVAC company located in Milford, MA. Now in our 23 year, our senior leadership team possesses over one hundred years of industry experience. We are a highly collaborative and team oriented company, both internally and in our extended community including customers, their customers and vendors.

Our well-trained field crews are qualified to work in a variety of environments including office buildings, hospitals, laboratories, manufacturing facilities, schools and beyond. Our full-service fabrication shop is outfitted with the industry’s highest quality equipment. We work closely with our industry partners and custom fabricate all required components to meet a wide range of construction schedules.

At Noyes Sheet Metal, above all else, we strive to enhance our capabilities and exceed industry standards in quality and safety while maintaining outstanding customer satisfaction and success.




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